Saturday, 30 January 2016



der Ball=ο μπαλα
der Name=ο ονομα
die Socke=η καλτσα
die Adresse =η διευθυνση
das Auto=το αυτοκινητο
der Bus=ο λεωφορειο
die Playstation=η κονσολα
der Film=ο ταινια
das Kino=το σινεμα
die CD=η Σ-ΝΤ
der Computer=ο υπολογιστης
das Foto=το φωτογραφια
das Spiel=το παιχνιδι
das Station=τo σταθμο
die Schokolade=η σοκολατα
der Schuh=ο παπουτσι
die Marmelade=η μαρμελαδα
 das Buch=το βιβλιο


0 null                                                  
1 eins
2 zwei                                                  
3 drei
4 vier
5 funf
6 sechs
7 sieben
8 acht
9 neun
10 zehn
11 elf
12 zwolf
13 dreizehn
14 vierzehn
16 sechzehn
17 siebzehn
18 achtzehn
19 neunzehn
20 zwanzig


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Did you know?

The largest Russian doll is about 54 cm tall.
The smallest is 0.31 cm.

The longest dog sled race is about 1,200 miles
in Alaska

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.
It's 829.8 metres and it's got 160 floors!

Antarctica is the coldest and windiest place on earth.

The Apls are the highest mountains in Europe.

The Bugatti Veyron is by far the most expensive
car in the world.It costs $1,700,000!!!

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Can space exploration benefit mankind?
There are countless mysteries about the universe we live in and it is up to us to solve them.
Therefore,I think space exploration is good thing.

Firstly,I believe that space exploration may hold all the information we need to help us on Earth:
we may be able to find new sources of power or even find cures for diseases.
Furthermore,we may even find another planet to live on where we can go if the Earth is destroyed.
Last but not least,space exploration has helped invent new technologies.for example, ear thermometers, fire fighting equipment and hi-tech ski boots are some of the things that were developed through space exploration.

To sum up, I believe space exploration is not a waste of time or money.On the contrary,
I believe it will benefit mankind greatly!